Tuesday Tip of the Week: Beat the Heat!

It finally feels like summer, with 90 degree + heat, and if you're feeling the burn your fuzzy friend is only hotter. Make sure to limit your pets time outdoors and try and keep them on the grass and off concrete and asphalt. It should go without saying but DO NOT take your dog for any car rides that require you to leave them in the car, even for a minute.

If you have a pooch with hair (think Yorkie, Shih Tzu, etc) get them a nice hair cut, but remember, don't go too short, you dont want them to get sunburn! Yes, dogs can get sunburn.

A baby pool filled with cool water and/or ice is a nice treat for a hot day, especially if you don't have air conditioning. Just make sure you get one big enough so you both can share :)

Of course everyone's favorite way to cool down in the summer is with a nice refreshing frozen pop, and you can treat your best friend to a homemade pupsicle with ease. My fav recipe is sooo simple and uses an ingredient you are likely to have on hand during the summer month...watermelon!!

Simply cut watermelon into chunks and freeze for a few hours. Then puree with your blender or food processor and put back in the freezer to set. Scoop and enjoy.

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