Tuesday Tip of the Week-Carpet Cleaning

Donna and I are so excited to launch our info-series, Tuesday Tip of the Week, where we share tips and tricks of the trade. From training and behavior to vet care and grooming, each week we will bring you something to make life with your furry friends even better.

Today I want to talk about the lovely messes that our pets make. Whether its muddy foot prints, an accident or vomit, they are hard on our carpets and rugs. We've tried just about every product out there to get rid of the stains on our carpet but they are either expensive or don't really work, or both. So when we hard about using a few ingredients we all have in our pantry we figured why not give it a try? And we were VERY happily surprised!

The trick? Baking soda and vinegar.

Yup, just those two ingredients can transform your carpets.

Its so simple. I used a spray bottle and created a mixture of 1/4 water to 3/4 vinegar then wet down the stains. Then you just sprinkle the areas with baking soda and watch the magic happen.

Immediately the chemical reaction starts and you'll see bubbling and foaming. As time passes the baking soda will begin to turn color as it absorbs the stain. If the stain is really bad you can work the mixture in the carpet to really get deep down. Then you just leave it be until its dry then vacuum it up! Make sure it's 100% dry, don't be impatient like me or you'll wind up with a mess!

Now a word to the wise, this is NOT something to be done if you have company on their way over. The process takes close to a week for the stain to be absorbed into the baking soda and for everything to dry. Because my carpets REALLY take a beating I rub the mixture in, let it dry for a week, vacuum, and then finish with my carpet cleaner.

If you wind up with residue and no carpet cleaner you can use a damp towel to clean up any excess baking soda.

So the next time your best friend makes a mess of the carpet, don't freak out, just head to the pantry for your vinegar and baking soda and give the method a try. You won't regret it!

Ok, so I totally stole this image from the interwebz but Donna and I both had results just as amazing!

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