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Pound Hounds ResQ began as one woman's passion and turned that into an organization saving hundreds of animals every year.


Starting out as a volunteer at the local New York City Shelter (NYACC – New York Animal Care Centers) in 2010, the founder, Donna Darrell realized that thousands of animals were being euthanized simply because of lack of space at the shelter or having kennel cough that could quickly be remedied with a round of antibiotics.


Knowing that these animals can be saved if people would open their homes to temporarily foster them, forever homes could be found and these once death row dogs could become family members.


Pound Hounds saves animals that are slated for euthanasia and places them in loving, forever homes. These are all selfless people opening up their homes to unknowns.


Pound Hounds is now a bunch of dedicated volunteers helping to make a difference in the lives of these animals that pass through the shelter’s doors.


Pound Hounds ResQ is the #1 rescue group saving animals from the NYC shelter system!

OUR philosophy

Pound Hounds Res-Q believes that every animal deserves a loving home. How that happens takes lots of undertaking. First we try to pair the animal with the best possible foster or adopter home available. We take into consideration the initial behavior evaluation, the volunteer evaluation and the experience of the candidate.  It's not science, but it helps us match the best person to the animal.

Furthermore, we then look at family dynamics and lifestyles.  This gives us a better perspective of what animal would be right for them.  We look at the total environment, kids, other pets, etc. It's not perfect, but it helps enormously in placing every animal with the right family.


It's truly a challenge, but it's something that we don't take lightly. It's a big effort but so rewarding in the long run.


We do not have a facility but rather rely on a network of committed loving foster homes that see these animals through to adoption. It is a selfless act and every single one of our fosters helps us save another precious life.

Founded in 2014, Pound Hounds ResQ is a 5013c NYC animal rescue that is devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals that come through the NYC Animal Care and Control shelter and other local shelters and places them into forever loving foster and adoptive homes.  


Pound Hounds ensures all animals are physically and mentally ready for their forever home.  We prepare every dog by investing in them during their stay in foster and work with that foster to determine what that dog needs.  Whether it be vetting or training while they are in their foster home.  Many dogs leave the shelter needing something they didn't receive in their former home.  


While we believe all animals need saving and a home, our belief is saving animals in our own backyard and not shipping dogs cross country or across the world.  We have an enormous problem with abandoned and homeless animals right here in NYC.  Although the euthanasia rate has gone down here, we will continue our mission until they are all saved.



mission statement


We are extremely proud to share our annual statistics and lifesaving percentages.







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