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What Does it Mean to Rescue?

Every rescued animal has its own story, its own history, and its own very specific personality.  When you rescue an animal, you are taking in an unknown and committed to working with this animal and making it part of your family.


It is not easy.  Oftentimes, these animals have been abandoned and left without any hope.  Our job at Pound Hounds ResQ is to match the right animal with its right family because our goal is to create loving relationships that will last a lifetime.

Rescue animals are just like any other animal, just ones that have experienced more - more loss, more abandonment more sorrow.  

We at Pound Hounds ResQ in conjunction with our foster network, work to bring these animals back to a state where they are rehabilitated and ready to start their next chapter in life.

What Your New Family Member Needs From You?

These animals will need your love and patience, and most importantly, your time and unwavering commitment.  

We will do our part to assure that you are bringing the right animal into a home and you will need to set up realistic expectations and honesty regarding your time and life circumstances. This is essential to making the match a success.    

Regardless of where they have been or what they have been through, your new family member will require reassurance that he/she is safe, space to adjust, regular exercise, a stable healthy diet, and leadership. 


We will be happy to discuss each of these elements with you generally or in relation to your specific new family member at any time before or after the adoption is complete.           

If you'd like to adopt and make a dog part of your family, fill out the

Adoption Application.

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